Single Drunk Female Season 2 Sneak Peek: Molly Ringwald Arrives as Sam’s Concerned Aunt

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Single Drunk Female Season 2 Sneak Peek: Molly Ringwald Arrives as Sam’s Concerned Aunt

If you’ve been sleeping on one of TV’s best-kept secrets, it’s time to wake up and watch! Freeform’s Single Drunk Female is so much more than its name implies; yes, it’s about a party girl, but one who has had to come face to face with her alcoholism and is taking steps (literally 12) to take accountability for her life. But the show is no downer! In her glowing Season 2 review, Lacy Baugher-Milas wrote,

“Alcohol is a staple in so much of American pop culture, particularly in media targeted at women. From wine moms to White Claws, drinking is not only celebrated, but it’s also often held up as an aspirational pastime, a necessary social lubricant, and a consequence-free indulgence. But Single Drunk Female is not only a deft, compelling exploration of the dark underbelly of something that’s relentlessly normalized in our society, but a showcase for the hard work of healing from addiction, without judgment or preachy platitudes. Heartwarming and hopeful, this is a deeply human story that reminds us our stories are not defined by the worst choice we ever made, and that it’s never too late to write a different one, on your own terms.”

According to Freeform, in Single Drunk Female Season 2 “Samantha Fink (Sofia Black-D’Elia) finally feels like she has a life worth celebrating with a year and a half of sobriety under her belt. However, Sam quickly learns that sometimes life has other plans for her. Sam must figure out how to effect change where she can, sit in her discomfort when she can’t, and maybe even enjoy the ride.” As you’ll see in our clip below, Molly Ringwald is also guest starring as Sam’s Aunt Alice, creating a mini Breakfast Club reunion with Ally Sheedy, who plays Sam’s mom Carol. In the clip, we see a flashback to Sam before her sober reckoning, embracing herself at what is likely her father’s funeral, as Alice looks worriedly at the wine glass sloshing around.

Single Drunk Female stars Sofia Black-D’Elia, Ally Sheedy, Sasha Compere, Lily Mae Harrington, Garrick Bernard and Ian Gomez. The series comes from 20th Television and is executive produced by Jenni Konner, Daisy Gardner, Simone Finch, John Riggi, Phil Traill, Nora Silver and Leslye Headland.  This season, in addition to Molly Ringwald, Busy Philipps, Ricky Velez, and Charlie Hall will also guest star.

The series returns Wednesday, April 12th at 10:00 p.m. on Freeform, with all episodes available to stream April 13th on Hulu.

Check out our exclusive sneak peek clip below:

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