The Affair Returns, as Suspenseful and Mysterious as Ever

(Episode 3.01)

TV Video The Affair

The Affair is back but what are they going to do? We know who killed Scotty. Mystery over. Flashbacks over.

What will The Affair be without suspense?

It wouldn’t be The Affair, but don’t worry, they have a new storyline and I’m already hooked. Let’s break it down.

This first episode is mostly about Noah, because once again, his story is what is going to propel this season.

It starts with him at his Father’s funeral. He’s living with his sister. Alison is gone. Helen attends and asks him about “us,” which is kind of confusing since last we knew, he was married to Alison and she was with a hot doctor.

Turns out, he’s been in prison for the past three years, and hence we have our much needed flashback and mystery.

He’s cramping his sister’s lifestyle, so he wants to find his own place. After all, he’s employed at a University, which is pretty good for an ex-con/admitted murderer

We know he didn’t do it, but the University people don’t!

Noah now has a special kind of paranoia. All through the episode, a man keeps following him, or he thinks someone is following him, in a Chicago Cubs baseball cap. He’s also having phantom pains in his shoulder.

During one of these times when he’s distracted, he gives a pretty harsh critique to a writing student, and she leaves crying.

He then wanders around and lays down in a church pew. He dreams about Helen telling him that he shouldn’t have admitted guilt, and tells her it’s just a writer’s retreat.

Three years is a long time.

He wakes up in a class with a sexy French professor and obviously ends up at her place for dinner. He’s Noah Solloway, ladies man.

She invites him to a dinner party and the girl he made cry is there. The conversation around the table is about sexual assault and rape. His student brings up his sex with Alison against a tree.

Apparently, he wrote that in his book dissent. Someone explain that choice to me.

He says it’s not a rape.

He then goes upstairs with the sexy lady for some consensual sexy time, and then he freaks out with flashbacks. The episode ends with him bleeding all over the floor.

I’m more than ready to resume my Affair with this show.

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