The Good Wife: “A More Perfect Union” (Episode 4.21)

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The Good Wife: “A More Perfect Union” (Episode 4.21)

Let’s be honest, if Alicia were a friend of ours, we would think she was a little crazy for staying with Peter.

Perhaps it’s because Chris Noth can be oh-so-charming or maybe it’s my lingering goodwill towards Mr. Big, but sometimes even I forget that Peter publically humiliated Alicia and (and I do believe all caps are necessary here) CHEATED ON HER WITH PROSTITUTES.

Alicia tells her brother Owen (returning guest star Dallas Roberts), that Peter has changed. Speaking for all viewers he says, “Oh my God, you are one of those Oprah women. I’m going to take you out back and give you a spanking.” Her mother Veronica (returning guest star Stockard Channing) takes it one step further—she goes to Will and tells him, “Do you love my daughter? Because if you do, it’s time to stop being polite about it.”

Now sure it was a totally inappropriate thing for any mother to ever do. But someone has to talk sense into those two. Plus Will’s dumbfounded exchange with Veronica was the scene of the night. I remain unclear why Alicia wants to reunite with her husband. I saw their afternoon delights as Alicia’s way of changing the power dynamics in their relationship. And that it’s hard for her to let her family go. But to recommit to their marriage when she clearly can’t stop being all hot and bothered about Will? I’m not sure what she’s thinking.

Her personal life isn’t the only place where Alicia’s being a little naïve. Her continued surprise at the actions of the partners is getting old fast. I find it hard to believe that she would be utterly stunned that Diane and Will would help Chum Hum buy her client out or that she would be that shocked by how callously the partners treat the support staff. And speaking of support staff, had we ever seen any of those characters before? It reminded me of when suddenly there were all these other passengers we had never seen before on Lost. The support staff wasn’t as annoying as Nikki and Paulo, but the whole storyline felt equally forced.

The one bright spot was the return of Mamie Gummer as the deceptively sweet lawyer Nancy Crozier. Gummer, who was so highly annoying as the title character in this season’s quickly canceled Emily Owens M.D., is absolutely delightful in this role. Here’s hoping the show can use her more next season.

Alicia also blatantly lies in a televised interview with Charlie Rose (who appeared as himself). She tells Rose that Republican candidate Mike Kresteva is running for governor instead of dealing with his alcoholism. But we know that Peter made it look like he had been drinking at the Shamrock Dinner when he hadn’t been. She’s now become the stereotype of a politician—lying to further her cause.

While Alicia appeared wide-eyed at all the shenanigans at Lockhart/Gardner, Cary continues to plot breaking away from the firm with the other fourth-years. Now he’s trying to recruit Kalinda, who is disgruntled because she discovered that Robyn gets health care and she doesn’t. Cary wants Kalinda to join his new firm but tells her he won’t get into a bidding war over her. Alicia, who knows of Cary’s plans, has yet to report what he’s plotting to the partners. Could next season see Alicia, Cary and Kalinda all part of a rival firm? That would be a fantastic set up for the show’s fifth season.

Other thoughts on “A More Perfect Union”:
• That was Fran Kranz, Topher on Dollhouse, and Cara Buono, Faye Miller on Mad Men, as the coders who asked for Alicia’s help.
• I feel that Zach deserved a little bit of a bigger celebration for his 18th birthday.
• David Lee telling Alicia to tell her mother “hi” for him was the night’s most hilarious moment.
• So glad Eli will be back for next week’s season finale. I’ve missed him.
• Owen is, by far, one of my all-time favorite recurring characters.

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