A New Hitchhiker’s Guide Series Is Making Its Way to Hulu

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A New Hitchhiker’s Guide Series Is Making Its Way to Hulu

The bread and butter of English pop culture lives on: Looks like Douglas Adams’ sci-fi cult classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is making its way to Hulu.

Deadline reports Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse and Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs are teaming up to helm the modern update of the famed intergalactic series.

Originating as a BBC Radio 4 radio comedy, Hitchhiker’s Guide follows the sole survivor of the demolition of planet Earth by a wayward alien species looking to make room for a hyperspace bypass highway.

Since its conception in the ‘70s, the series has grown into a multimedia phenomenon and spawned a widely successful series of novels, professional and amateur stage adaptations, comic books, a feature film and a short-lived BBC television miniseries—and now, the saga will once again live on in the sweet, sweet episodic format.

ABC Studio’s cable/streaming division ABC Signature will oversee the project, but keep in mind that none other than the heftiest media conglomerate in the industry owns the Hitchhiker’s Guide IP—Disney, of course!—who produced the 2005 feature adaption of the saga, and, lest we forget, assumed control of Hulu in May of this year.

No further details have yet to be announced, but check back for any updates on the adaptation.

For now, ponder all of the potential candidates looking to step into the shoes of hapless protagonist Arthur Dent. Our money’s on Alan Davies or Simon Pegg, but anything goes.

While you’re at it, check out our list of the 10 best quotes from the series here.

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