Distract Yourself With The Office‘s New Official “Best of Jim” Supercut

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Distract Yourself With The Office‘s New Official “Best of Jim” Supercut

It’s been just over five years since The Office series finale aired on NBC, but the show’s vivid characters, as well as their most absurd antics, live on in both our memories and Netflix queues … not to mention endless reruns on Comedy Central. Arguably the most lovable of the Dunder Mifflin ensemble, Jim Halpert is the hero of exasperated camera stares, swapper of innumerable inside jokes with Pam and Dwight Schrute’s worst nightmare. This weekend, the official The Office YouTube account shared a compilation of Jim’s best moments, a supercut of clever office trickery and heartfelt endeavors, because sometimes you just want to relive the pureness and wholeness of Halpert humor. You can watch “The Best of Jim” below.

Clocking in at 10 minutes, the video splices together scenes from the entirety of the show—from Jim’s interrogation of Dwight’s pot usage to his first confession of love for Pam to the moment he found out his family would be growing. Each clip is an apt explanation of why Jim is just so likable, and why he’s the voice of reason in the chaos of The Office. Plus, there are plenty of camera stares to go around, but not as many as those documented by the unofficial The Office stare generator.

Again, you can watch The Office’s best-of Jim compilation below. But don’t forget about Jim’s comedic equal, Dwight Schrute—check out our ranking of the 30 best Dwight quotes right here. While you’re at it, take a gander at Paste’s list of the 20 best episodes of The Office.

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