A WandaVision Spinoff About Agatha Harkness Is Being Developed for Disney+

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A WandaVision Spinoff About Agatha Harkness Is Being Developed for Disney+

The Hahnissance is upon us!

Disney+ is developing a WandaVision spinoff based on Kathryn Hahn’s popular character Agatha Harkness. The project is being led by Wanda showrunner Jac Shaeffer, who will write the new series and serve as executive producer, according to Variety.

This will be the first project Shaeffer will develop after signing an all around deal with Disney and 20th Century Fox back in May. Shaeffer’s MCU ties are already strong, having co-written both Captain Marvel and Black Widow before helming WandaVision— the most well-receivedof the Marvel TV spinoffs so far.

Details of the series’ plot are unknown, though it is being described as a dark comedy. It is also unclear if the series will take place after the events of WandaVision or serve as a prequel for Hahn’s character; Agatha Harkness has a storied history tracing back to the Salem witch trials as seen in WandaVision.

The series is not a complete surprise given the immensely positive fan reactions towards Hahn’s character; the duplicitous witch quickly became a viewer favorite. Her reveal song, “Agatha All Along,” became a viral sensation and a popular meme on Tiktok and Twitter.

Though WandaVision catapulted Hahn’s popularity and brought her further into the mainstream, the spinoff is just the next in a series of big projects for her, including Apple+’s The Shrink Next Door and Knives Out 2.

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