There’s Something Freaky Going on with the Westworld Website

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There’s Something Freaky Going on with the Westworld Website

The first season ofWestworld—also known as Naked Robots Getting Shot to Death—ended on the eve of a robot uprising. For the entire season, Ford constantly hinted at a brand-new narrative that promised to really shake up the park’s framework. So far, we’d assumed that new “narrative” was basically just an all-out attack on humans, but now we’re not so sure. After all, there’s only but so many hosts in the park, and most of them believe themselves to be in the 1800s American West. As soon as they step outside and see a Prius, their circuits are going to fry.

So maybe the android revolution will happen more subtly. While we won’t be getting any new Westworld episodes this year, there seem to some problems occurring over at the show’s official website. Upon entering the homepage, the site appears to glitch and we’re shown a message from somebody presumably trapped in the park, begging for help. After a few seconds, the message disappears and is replaced with, “All is well.” So it’s probably nothing, right?


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