We Talk to Johnny Mundo About Lucha Underground

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We Talk to Johnny Mundo About Lucha Underground

Wrestlers get used to having lots of names. Take Johnny Mundo: that’s what Lucha Underground fans know him as, but his parents named him John Hennigan, and WWE audiences remember him as John Morrison and Johnny Nitro. Our intrepid video reporter Keri Lumm confronted Mundo live at SXSW in Austin, Texas, last week, where they talked about wrestling and Lucha Underground, and where Keri got to show off her own flawless grappling skills.

Here’s what Keri has to say about this momentous match-up:

“I used to watch wrestling with my dad when I was a kid, he had no sons, so he included me.

I think I was always drawn to it because of the drama.

Because of this background, this interview was super fun for me to do. I’m glad it worked out and I hope you find this funny. I’m also a huge Johnny Mundo fan now. My only regret is that he had his shirt on while I did my move.”

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