See How Mission: Impossible – Fallout Created the Franchise’s Most Insane Stunt

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See How Mission: Impossible – Fallout Created the Franchise’s Most Insane Stunt

Paramount Pictures released a behind-the-scenes video on Wednesday showing Tom Cruise, the Mission: Impossible Fallout stunt team, director Chris McQuarrie and Cruise’s training instructors going over a near-impossible stunt sequence.

Tom Cruise is known to not hold back when it comes to shooting action sequences. He does most of his own stunts, like learning to hold his breath for six minutes and hanging off the side of an airplane as it took off for Rogue Nation, or scaling the Burj Khalifa for Ghost Protocol. He also broke his ankle last year while filming Fallout when he jumped a very far distance between two buildings. All of those stunts were crazy; however, they were also all secure, and would not result in Cruise’s death, for instance.

For quite some time now, Cruise has been working on perhaps his most insane and dangerous stunt sequence ever. In the forthcoming Fallout, the Oscar-nominated actor will proceed to pilot a helicopter solo and engage in intense tricks, like plummeting into a downward spiral or completing a corkscrew turn, while simultaneously acting and camera operating. Cruise became a 2,000-hour helicopter pilot in a hurry for the game-changing stunt, working “around the clock” to reach the skill level required.

In a recent interview with Cruise on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, they discussed his stuntwork and why he “gets paid the big bucks.” It’s true: The man is unstoppable. It’ll be interesting to see if the 55-year-old actor will ever top this.

You can see Cruise in action when Fallout opens nationwide on July 27. See for yourself how impossibly awesome and death-defying the actor’s skills are in the video above, and see the film’s trailer, which debuted during Super Bowl LII, right here.

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