European Drinking Games Explained In Pictures

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Say what you will about math, I believe that drinking games are the universal language. Roll into a bar in a foreign country without speaking a lick of the local language, and I bet you can make friends quick as long as there’s a beer pong table or a group of people throwing discs at a stick in the ground, or rolling dice or sticking cards to their foreheads. In the spirit of breaking down borders, the folks at GoEuro have created an infographic that showcases seven different drinking games you’ll find in Europe, and explains how to play them. I like the game Piramidespel, which apparently is popular in the Netherlands, because it’s exactly like the game Bullshit, which was popular in the dorm rooms of UGA when I was a youngster. Take a look at the infographic and see if you recognize any of the games played on “the continent.”

european drinking games interior.jpg

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