Watch Phoebe Bridgers’ New “Savior Complex” Behind-the-Scenes Video

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Watch Phoebe Bridgers’ New “Savior Complex” Behind-the-Scenes Video

Phoebe Bridgers dropped a new behind-the-scenes video Thursday, shot on the set of her recent “Savior Complex” music video.

The new footage continues the black-and-white-shot style of director and Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s original video, while showing off joyful moments between the masked-up cast, crew and even the chihuahua.

“I had sent Phoebe [Waller-Bridge] the whole record in an email. I was like, ‘I’d love to pick this, this or this song.’ And none of them were ‘Savior Complex,’” Bridgers explains in the video. “And Phoebe was like, ‘No, we’re doing “Savior Complex.”’”

Bridgers recently performed “Savior Complex”; on The Tonight Show. The song appears on Punisher, her acclaimed second album, one of Paste’s top LPs of the year.

Watch Bridgers’ behind-the-scenes “Savior Complex” video below, plus her 2017 Paste Studio session, and revisit the original music video here.

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