The Funniest Tweets of the Week

Comedy Lists funniest tweets of the week
The Funniest Tweets of the Week

This week was an extravaganza of absurd news from the “straight pride” parade to the President getting greeted in England with a statue of him take a shit while Tweeting. However, we’re starting our roundup this week with something a little out of the ordinary. Normally the funniest tweets of the week are jokes by the comics sending the tweet. But this time around we’re featuring a tweet that showcases a brilliant joke from Dan Ronan, a Chicago comedian who passed away far too young. This week was the five year anniversary of his death, and his memory lives on. If you enjoy the joke, we know you will, click through to see some of Dan Ronan’s other bits.

Otherwise, we’ve got another collection of the best quips, goofs, and gags from the past few days. Enjoy the week and make sure to give us a follow at @Paste_Comedy.

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