Lynn Bixenspan – Comedy

Paste Studio NYC (New York, NY), 12/10/2015

Comedy Video Lynn Bixenspan

What does a comedian do when Paste names them the 13th funniest person on Twitter? Do they go into intensive training to come back hard the next year and aim for number one? Do they rest on their laurels, content with hitting the top baker’s dozen out of the millions of people on Twitter? Or do they just pack it in and go get a desk job somewhere, realizing their career has peaked and that they’ve already achieved their greatest success? If you’re Lynn Bixenspan, who was our 13th favorite on Twitter last year, you head by the Paste studio in New York and tell some great jokes. Bixenspan dropped by in December to talk about feminism, Kickstarter and our massive collection of Limp Bizkit reel-to-reel tapes, in the process showing why she’s one of the best stand-ups around today. Maybe next year she’ll crack our top ten? More comedy from the Paste Studio:
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