The Funniest Tweets about the Final Presidential Debate

Like, ever

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The Funniest Tweets about the Final Presidential Debate

And that’s it: the last presidential debate. Maybe ever. Definitely for 2020. And yes: it was about as painful and infuriating as you’d expect.

At least Trump didn’t steamroll Biden with his nonsensical blather this time. The heavily hyped mute button did it’s job at the start, and although things threatened to break down pretty regularly after about a half hour or so, Trump’s bluster was rarely as overbearing as in that first debate. It was still obnoxious as hell, of course—the dude (who, again, we unfortunately have to remind you, is a president) is as unable to tell the truth as ever—but at least he wasn’t vomiting talk radio buzzwords all over every single thing Biden tried to say. He mostly waited for Biden to stop talking before vomiting up those talk radio buzzwords.

How fucking sad is that? “At least it wasn’t the absolute worst fucking debate ever” is now the bar. That’s what we hope our country’s leaders can clear—simply letting each other mouth their scripted platitudes and catchphrases for 30 seconds or so without barfing all over each other.

Anyway. Twitter still exists and it exists largely for nights like this: nights when everybody is watching and talking about the same damn thing. Here are some of the good tweets about tonight’s debate—the tweets that made me hit that like button, and that still held up upon second viewing. Dig ‘em, follow the people who wrote ‘em, and get out there and vote, wherever you might be, whoever you might be voting for, unless it’s the one of these two dudes I personally am not voting for. In that case don’t vote. I’m not naming names, but yeah. Just some advice from me to you: if I think your politics are bad I would rather you don’t vote. I’m not going to try to intimidate you out of voting, or manipulate state or federal laws to complicate your doing so (like, uh, a certain political party here in America is known for doing), but I can say, from one individual to another, from person to person, soul to soul, I, personally, as a guy (and not as Paste Magazine as an outlet or business entity, seriously, I’m just a damn comedy editor here, nothing I do is serious [or is it…?!?]), believe that if you’re going to vote for the candidate I dislike it’d be better if you just didn’t vote at all. But you’re totally free to do so. But please don’t. But you’re more than welcome to. But, like, don’t. Unless you’re voting for the people I’m voting for. And nobody else. Cool?

Hey: it’s tweets.

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