The Funniest Republican National Convention Tweets, Night One

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The Funniest Republican National Convention Tweets, Night One

It’s probably not a good start when the first night of your political convention gets multiple variations on the word “cocaine” trending on Twitter. Of course nothing good could have possibly come from the Trump Convention, but it was still an even bigger disaster than you’d maybe expect. Between the rampant lies about the coronavirus, the economy, today’s social climate, and really, almost every aspect of the president’s performance so far, and the absolutely unhinged performances of Trump insiders like Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, this was a convention custom built exclusively for people to make fun of. Yes, it’s some of the bleakest chuckles you’ll ever encounter—reminder that the dude this entire pageant was constructed for is still president for at least five more months, and potentially four years past that—but what the hell else do you expect the people to do in the fact of such absolute inexplicable bullshit?

So here they are: the good tweets about tonight’s Republican National Convention. It’s the first night of the RNC, so I guess maybe strap in for way too many of these things this week. Dammit. Why couldn’t they have taken at least a week off after the DNC? Apparently the only thing that can bring the American political edifice together is forcing lazy comedy editors to crank out way more half-assed Twitter galleries than they normally do.

Read the tweets, follow the tweeters, and pray for America, friends. And for tweets about night two of the RNC, click here.

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