Watch Dave Chappelle’s Stand-up Set from Saturday Night Live

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Watch Dave Chappelle’s Stand-up Set from Saturday Night Live

So, hey: it’s the perfect night for some new Dave Chappelle stand-up.


Hell, watch this set. Chappelle’s great. I mean, dude’s almost always great, even when he’s saying shit I strongly disagree with. Like, hell, in this set: when he asks if the audience is “triggered”? That’s just some bullshit. The only people who would make a dumb “triggered” joke about a stand-up set in 2020 are the same people who would constantly accuse others of being “triggered” by their lame old racist jokes. Dave: it’s dumb. And lazy. You’re brilliant: be better!

So hey: Chappelle’s comedy is absolutely full of truth. It’s also full of shortcuts. The kind of shortcuts that lead people to demean others who pretty much agree with them. At least Chappelle largely focuses on the guy who’s about to not be president any longer, and uh if there’s anything we can agree on about Trump it’s that the dude means absolutely nothing anymore as of the instant he lost this year’s election.

Anyway: so much of what Chappelle says in this video is hilarious. Some of it is lazy contrarianism in hopes of getting attention. The former outweighs the latter, and makes this a quarter-hour worth watching. As I often say: Dig it!

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