Watch Stephen Colbert Sing a Mournful Goodbye to the Mooch

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Watch Stephen Colbert Sing a Mournful Goodbye to the Mooch

While many comedians across the nation were gearing up for what they assumed would be at least multiple weeks of ragging on the most recent White House communications director, it was all for naught as the Mooch screwed the pooch and got the boot yesterday afternoon. As such, Stephen Colbert began his opening segment on The Late Show by admitting that he “a broken man.” After all, Colbert says, “The front-stabber has been backstabbed.” And as they say, “Out with the old, in with the new, out with the new.”

After a few minutes of making fun of Anthony Scaramucci’s brief tenure, Colbert settles into the focal point of the segment. Colbert again reiterates that the Mooch’s passing has been particularly hard on the host, who has been “a huge fan of the Mooch for over a week now.” So Colbert doesn’t settle for merely saying goodbye. No, he sings it. He sings his damn heart out. The man who was once personally asked by Stephen Sondheim to co-star in a revival of one of his classic musicals sends the Mooch into that goodnight with beautiful, original lyrics set to Queen’s classic “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Watch the full clip above, listen to Colbert’s sultry voice and try to hold back your tears for The Mooch. (You can also enjoy a bunch of funny tweets about his firing, if that’s more your speed.)

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