The Funniest Taylor Swift Tweets and Memes

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The Funniest Taylor Swift Tweets and Memes

Last night I looked at Twitter a few times to see what was happening in the world and all I found was 18 billion words about Taylor Swift’s new song.

The most amazing thing about the 21st century is how many opinions there are. You all have one! Sometimes even more than one. It’s shocking. Especially when it’s about Taylor Swift, or her new song, which is called “Look What You Made Me Do,” and which I, as a man of a certain age, am in no way qualified to discuss in any way whatsoever. It is certainly a song that exists. It’s a thing people can listen to, with their ears. Yep.

Not everybody on the internet is a man of a certain age, though. There are people out there who are absolutely qualified to discuss Taylor Swift, or other matters that don’t concern men old enough to remember how moved they were by the series finale of M.A.S.H. And those people did exactly that! As I mentioned above, the internet was absolutely lousy with Taylor Swift jokes and reactions last night, and it’s barely slowed down today. Some of them are even worth reading. We’ve grabbed the best of them below. Feel free to mute any word even remotely connected to Swift or her new album or song, and just come here when you need to feel whatever people feel when they make jokes about pop stars.

Oh, and if you want to hear the song yourself, here it is:

Hey, look, this is better than pivoting to video, okay?

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