The Best Tweets of the Week

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The Best Tweets of the Week

Remember when that couple of 50 or 60 year old white folks stood outside their old museum-looking mansion with a pistol and a machine gun while a peaceful protest marched by? That was this week. It might feel like it was a few months ago, but nope, it just happened. 2020 has ruined, disrupted, or undermined pretty much every part of life, but its biggest victim of all was time. We’re moving at light speed while not going anywhere at all. It’s fucked, and sometimes the only thing you can really do about it is make dumb jokes on Twitter. So here are the best of those dumb weeks from this week—the funniest, smartest, sharpest things we’ve seen on the dumb social media app since last Friday. Check ‘em out and remember to follow everyone of these folks if you’re on Twitter yourself.

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