Batman: The Killing Joke Gets August Release Date

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Following months of waiting, and after getting our first official look at the R-rated animated feature last week, fans now know when they can expect to get get their hands on a highly anticipated and insanity-inducing DC Comics and Warner Bros. collaboration: Batman: The Killing Joke will be officially released on Blu-Ray and DVD on Aug. 2, following its screening at San Diego Comic-Con this summer.

The film is the first in the DC original movie franchise’s nine-year history to earn an R rating, but it seems appropriate, considering the animated installment’s central focus. The Killing Joke will stay true to the comic’s storyline and deliver the dark and violent origins of the Joker, who is, of course, being voiced by Star Wars and voice-acting legend Mark Hamill. Kevin Conroy will return to voice Batman, while Tara Strong will serve as the voice of Barbara Gordon and Ray Wise as Commissioner Gordon.

In addition to the official trailer, an amateur trailer was posted early last month by a fan whose devilish tendencies gave us a spine-tingling (and bone-breaking) tease of how the brooding knight and psychotic comedian plan to duke it out. We’ll be counting down the days until the real deal. Watch the official trailer here.

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