Gamer Buzz: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Great Divide Brewing Company’s Hercules Double IPA

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So lets be clear. I am here to solve the world’s problems. And I believe the world’s problems begin with you. -Jonathan Irons (Kevin Spacey)

Kevin Spacey’s a dick, man. – Billy

The two of us have been playing Call of Duty since we were all storming the beaches of Normandy and parachuting in on some Nazis behind enemy lines on the PlayStation 2. In a series originally fixated on a WWII backdrop, with little opportunity to expand, 11 titles later, we find ourselves in 2054 immersed in a bleak future controlled by none other than Kevin Spacey, and he’s being a douche.

Activision’s newest offering in the series takes place in the distant-ish future, but true to Call of Duty form, every weapon and piece of tech is plausible enough to make you wonder if these weapons are already in production. We’re split on whether the plot pays off (Billy’s on board, I’m not so sure), but there’s no question that the voice acting is top-notch. Especially Kevin Spacey, whose role as a malevolent politician in House of Cards was perfect preparation for his role here.

So, is Advanced Warfare worth playing? You’re damn right it is: super strength, gratuitous violence, mech suits, and ridiculous amounts of ammo, grenades, and specialty weapons. Hell yeah.
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“I think I just killed that guy with a microwave gun. Ouch.” -Billy

And what beverage could you possibly find to accompany this fast paced shooter? You’ll have to steal sips in the short breaks between the action, so you need something that packs a lot of punch with every sip. Something with a high ABV and with a flavor that lingers long enough to keep your palate engaged until the next sip.

A beer like the Hercules Double IPA from Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado.

You can’t pause co-op? I don’t have time to drink my beer! – Ballard

The Hercules supplies a buzz-worthy 10% ABV, as well as full flavor front to back. It’s malty, but the hops still shine with a well-balanced earth, pine, and caramel profile. The beer is smooth, but the bitter lingers nicely in the finish and sticks around for a while, so you’re not desperate for another swig right after you swallow.

The complex flavor profile also helps to keep you from overdoing it: Hercules is made to savor instead of chug, so your sharpshooting will stay sharp…for a bit. Drink two or three and your kill/death ratio will likely suffer.

Bottom line: Whether you’re playing Advanced Warfare’s online, co-op, or single player mode, if you can’t pause the game, or you just don’t want to, a Double IPA is a solid choice to reach for when seconds and sips matter. A strong hop profile will certainly carry you through those dry spells.

Bottoms up and button mash responsibly!

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