This Beer Can Doubles as a Videogame Controller

Drink Features Miller Lite videogame Controller
This Beer Can Doubles as a Videogame Controller

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last week in California, Miller Light unveiled something a little different: a videogame controller.

The “Cantroller” is a 12-ounce beer can that works not only as a beer-carrying vessel, but a videogame controller as well. Yes, that can is also full of beer.

While the Controller was meant to be more of a novelty item than a functional piece of tech, it can be used — the 10-button rechargeable wireless controller actually works as a videogame controller.

Miller Light made the device in partnership with the company Unit 9. The device uses flexible circuit board technology and connects to gaming controllers via Bluetooth. The rechargeable battery is capable of holding a charge for three hours, it can be refrigerated for playing “at peak temperatures.”

The unique controllers aren’t available for sale. Instead, Miller Light gave them away to fans that were able to beat comedian Eric Andre, who the beer partnered with for the promotion, in a game of Street Fighter.

The company made 200 of the Controllers for launch but plans to make several hundred more for future giveaways.

And while that can does contain beer, Miller Light recommends fans don’t drink it. The Controller is designed to work with or without liquid inside, but keeping the beer sealed inside will allow for “the best user experience.”

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