Nick Offerman Drinking Scotch By a Fire. Because Christmas

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Just in time for the holidays, Nick Offerman’s Tales of Whisky is back. If you missed it the first time, Nick Offerman and Diageo released a series of videos highlighting the magic of Scotch (specifically Oban and Lagavulin) last December. Offerman, the actor, writer, woodworker and all-around gentleman, played the guitar and sang about the joys of drinking Scotch while performing at a pub and riding a horse (or inability to drink Scotch while riding a horse).

Offerman is most well-known for his role as Ron Swanson on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation and most recently for his portrayal of erudite lawyer Karl Weathers on the second season of FX’s Fargo. On top of acting, he owns Offerman Woodshop in Los Angeles. He often spends time between projects working at the store crafting furniture, ukuleles, canoes and kazoos. He has written two hilarious books, Paddle Your Own Canoe (2013) and Gumption (2015), both of which are tongue-in-cheek guides to being a man.

As for the Yule Log, in 1966, New York’s WPIX-TV, a Tribune Broadcasting Station, decided to broadcast a roaring fireplace as a gift to city residents who weren’t lucky enough to have a fireplace of their own. This year, Offerman is back just in time for the holidays with a new set of videos. The first of which is an homage to that Yule Log broadcast made famous by WPIX-TV for the last 49 years, and popularized on streaming services like Netflix. If you don’t know what the Yule Log is, it’s literally just a shot of a fireplace. Viewers at home can watch the roaring fire without the fear of accidentally setting their own homes on fire, or burning off their eyebrows. In Offerman’s version, he quietly sips Lagavulin Scotch while he sits beside a fireplace and looks out at the viewer. He doesn’t talk and the video lasts for 45 minutes and is somehow engrossing from start to finish.

My Tales of Whisky Holiday Edition, available to stream on YouTube, is guaranteed to become a holiday classic that you’ll want to watch year after year. Or at least put on in the background on a loop at your next holiday gathering. Offerman doesn’t really care when you watch the video, but he would prefer that it is enjoyed between 10 and 11pm (after dinner) because he believes that this is the best time of the day to imbibe a nice glass of Scotch. “You might be surprised by the calming effect my Scotch-inspired contemplation will have upon your digestion of holiday meats,” says Offerman.

This won’t be the last of the My Tales of Whisky Holiday Edition videos. More will be released throughout the next week. But, for now, you can enjoy the first and most likely best video and feel like you are sitting and enjoying the fire and a nice dram with the mustachioed master of malted Scotch Nick Offerman. Sit and look into his calming eyes or stare at the fire like a pyromaniac, either way, enjoy the holiday magic.

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