Someone Made a Beer Out of Peeps

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Someone Made a Beer Out of Peeps

If you’re a peep fan, have we got news for you.

One Texas brewery is taking its love of the Easter candy to the next level this year by creating a peep-flavored beer. That’s right, a beer that’s made from actual peeps.

Called “Peep This Collab” the beer is the creation of Fort Worth’s The Collective Brewing Project. Put together by Lone Star Taps and Caps bar, the beer is a sour ale brewed with Peeps, vanilla, and butterfly pea flower (the same thing that Starbucks uses to give its unicorn Frappuccino that purple hue).

Brewers added more than 30 boxes of the marshmallow candy to the beer, reports Guide Live, who adds the brewery has plans to add edible glitter after its fermented. Because that’s definitely what beer needs, more glitter.

If you’re anxious to give it a try, the beer will be available at Taps and Caps locations in Texas around Easter. Unfortunately for all of us that live elsewhere, there aren’t currently plans to distribute it outside of the state.

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