This Cooler Is Changing My Life

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This Cooler Is Changing My Life

When did coolers become so awesome? When I was a youngster and I wanted to keep a bunch of beer cold, I bought a $4 Styrofoam box. Sure, the ice melted within 12 minutes and the last few beers of my 12 pack were tepid, but it was the ‘90s. Saved by the Bell was the best show on TV and MC Hammer had multiple Billboard hits; Expectations were low.

Fast forward to 2018, and every single aspect of our lives has to be amazing. We won’t put a cup of coffee to our lips that isn’t hand-picked/single origin and roasted to bring out the essence of elderberry. TV shows are better than movies. Cars must run on kudzu and seat 12. We as a people have astonishingly high expectations, so it’s only natural that our coolers have become absolutely fabulous in recent years. You can’t turn around in a store without walking into a $400 roto-molded, “inspired by NASA” box designed to keep beer cold. Are these coolers overpriced? Probably. But they keep beer cold for days and you can’t put a value on cold beer. Literally, it’s impossible. We’ve done the tests. Cold beer is priceless.

The only problem with today’s super coolers, other than being ridiculously expensive, is that they’re heavy. Load them up with ice and beer and that thick, plastic box becomes a part of the landscape. It’s not going anywhere. Enter the RovR RollR cooler, which has all of the bells and whistles of your massive, “keeps ice cold for days” coolers but with the added benefit of wheels. Seriously. Wheels, wrapped in eight-inch, all terrain tires. And there’s a handle too!. It’s genius. Because you can load it with ice and then wheel it around your backyard, or campsite or beach…wherever you want to go. You can stop doing Crossfit now because you no longer have to deadlift 300 pounds to move your cooler. I feel like, finally, we understand why the wheel was invented. It has all led to this.

rollr inside.png

The addition of wheels alone is enough to send the RovR RollR to the top of the heap, but RovR went a step beyond and added a bike attachment too, so you can ride bikes and take cold beer with you. Bikes and beer. Together at last.

There’s a whole bunch of other features on the RovR: Cup holders and a cutting board that you can attach to the side. A dry bin that hovers above the ice so your PBJs don’t get soggy. There’s a storage bin that straps to the top of the cooler so you can carry extra gear with you while you’re pulling your beer to the beach or wherever. But really, it’s the bike attachment that makes this cooler worth your time and money. Riding bikes to the park? Load it up with juice boxes and sub sandwiches and tow it with you. And by “juice boxes” we mean beer. Gonna do a quick spin around the neighborhood? You might get thirsty. You should bring a 12-pack. Running to the store for more beer? Ride your bike and bring the cooler. Dropping your kids off at school? You can bring beer now.

Do you understand the importance of what I’m saying here? You can ride your bike anywhere you want to go, and bring cold beer with you. Sell your car, man. Your life has been changed.