Paste FAQs

Some things you might want to know:

What is Paste?

Paste is one of the most acclaimed voices in entertainment journalism and analysis, whose coverage has resulted in four National Magazine Award nominations, dozens of Plug, Folio and Gamma Awards and endorsements from USA Today, The NY Daily News and The Wall Street Journal, who called Paste “the finest among American music titles.” The more than 2.5 million monthly unique visitors at comprise a highly engaged and devoted audience of entertainment lovers hungry for authenticity and creativity looking to discover the best of what’s next in music, movies, TV, books and video games. As Utne says, “Paste brings together the best elements of the mainstream and indie press.”

Paste is about the artists, the craftsmanship, and the substance of the art and entertainment that feeds our minds and spirits, that make us laugh, move our feet or explore the human condition. Paste is not about artists’ bodies, hipster trends, arty artifice or celebrity gossip. (To read a manifesto of sorts from two of our founders, see the editorial for our 5th-anniversary issue, “Can Rock Save the World?”).

Who owns Paste?

Paste Media Group is owned by the team behind Wolfgang’s Vault, Daytrotter and Concert Vault.

How long has Paste been around?

Depends on what you mean. Our first magazine issue came out in July of 2002, and launched that same month. We first began selling CDs on the web at the now-defunct on December 3, 1998.

What about advertising?

We thought you’d never ask. Please visit our advertising info page.

How do I get featured or reviewed in Paste?

See the Artist & Label Information page.

Is Paste looking for writers, photographers or illustrators?

See the Contributor Information page.

Is Paste hiring?

Not at this time.

What about internships?

Paste has a very active and competitive internship program in editorial, marketing/business, design and multimedia departments. If you are interested in interning at Paste headquarters in Decatur, GA, please go here for more information.

How do tracks get placed on the Sampler?.

Sampler tracks are purely editorial decisions. Just send your material as described in the Artist & Label Information page. Feel free to make a note that you want to be considered for the Sampler.

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