A24 Details “A24 Public Access” Screening Series

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A24 Details “A24 Public Access” Screening Series

Two weeks ago, A24 began teasing a new project dubbed “A24 Public Access” in the form of cryptic still images captioned with an assortment of the studio’s titles, dates, times and location coordinates.

Wednesday, the exact nature of the new project was revealed: Starting next week, the studio will screen some of its best-known titles in the locations where each film is set—Lady Bird in downtown Sacramento, Good Time under the subway tracks in Queens, Moonlight in Miami, a few blocks from the city street named for the film, and so on.

A24 Public Access will transform billboards in each location into full-fledged outdoor cinemas to celebrate each film “on the most classic form of American media,” per a press release. The screening endeavor is a six-week affair, spanning July 20 to Aug. 24, and free to the public.

The studio will hold screenings of Lady Bird, The Bling Ring, The Witch, Good Time, The Spectacular Now and Moonlight, respectively.

A24 Public Access marks another novel promotional tactic for the independent studio known for its innovative, weird-ass guerrilla marketing and direct relationships with its audience.

Check out the studio’s screening schedule, and the full list of coordinates and times below.

A24 Public Access Screening Schedule:

20 – Lady Bird @ 38°34’35”N 121°28’47”W, 8 p.m.
27 – The Bling Ring @ 34°13’7”N 118°27’59”W, 8 p.m.

06 – The Witch @ 43°42’19”N 71°06’44”W, 8 p.m.
10 – Good Time @ 40°44’59”N 73°56’11”W, 7:30 p.m.
17 – The Spectacular Now @ 33°57’24”N 83°22’49”W, 8 p.m.
24 – Moonlight @ 25°50’49”N 80°13’6”W, 7:30 p.m.

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