The First Pictures Of Elizabeth Banks As Power Rangers Villain Rita Repulsa Have Surfaced

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A couple months ago, Elizabeth Banks tweeted that she had been cast as the villain Rita Repulsa in the upcoming 2017 Power Rangers film. At the time, we just sort of pictured her Hunger Games Effie Trinket face plastered over a picture of the original Repulsa from the ‘90s television series. Today, People turned up the first photos of Banks in her getup, and as it turns out, we weren’t far wrong on the makeup. Check out a picture of the original Repulsa below.

Everything about Banks’ look diverges from this. Gone are the iconic hair-horns and robes, replaced by a reptilian green dress and gold talons. On the whole, Banks’ version of Rita Repulsa looks far more dangerous than the original, a change that hopefully signifies a slightly darker Power Rangers story that will resonate with the millennial fans of the show who now expect real depth out of their entertainment.

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