CHAI Release New Single “NEO KAWAII, K?”

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CHAI Release New Single “NEO KAWAII, K?”

Japanese quartet CHAI are back with another single from their forthcoming self-titled album, which is out September 22 via Sub Pop. “NEO KAWAII, K?” follows “We The Female!” and “PARA PARA” from earlier this summer, and it’s just as upbeat and poppy as its predecessors. And, much like “We The Female!,” “NEO KAWAII, K?” is an empowering track taking aim at the treatment of young women in Japan’s social spheres. In their native country, “kawaii” means cute, and CHAI take stock on their disdain for that word by fashioning a rally cry against oppressive, sexist standards.

MANA says of the track: “Everyone is NEO KAWAII! This is CHAI’s answer, this is a fact in this world! We can finally say what it really means to us♡ Everyone’s a bit weird. Everyone’s different. Everyone’s awkward, almost to a point that it’s hard to relate. But that’s what’s interesting! That’s what makes it beautiful. To everyone who’s pushed around by these notions, we want to tell you this! We, and all of our lives, are NEO KAWAII! NEO KAWAII is not just plain KAWAII (cute)- it’s cool, it’s strong, it’s kind, it’s warm! Don’t get it mixed up♡ Hey! NEO KAWAII people! NEO KAWAII needs no preparation. We just want to say that you’re NEO KAWAII too, K? ♡?”

Watch the music video for “NEO KAWAII, K?” below.

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