Claud Just Wants to Talk on New Single “Cuff Your Jeans”

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Claud Just Wants to Talk on New Single “Cuff Your Jeans”

21-year-old Claud Mintz, aka Claud, has shared another new single ahead of their forthcoming debut album Super Monster, set to become the inaugural release on Phoebe Bridgers’ new Dead Oceans imprint Saddest Factory Records on Feb. 12.

“Cuff Your Jeans” is our third preview of Super Monster, following previous singles “Gold” and “Soft Spot,” which were released in October and December of 2020, respectively. A woozy indie-pop tune, Claud’s latest track finds them straining to make a connection (“You’ve never been that good at small talk / but I’d love to chat your ear off”) over gentle shoegaze guitars and antsy percussion, with spritely chimes in the choruses. “Cuff Your Jeans” ramps up on its way out, incorporating muffled horns in a rousing instrumental bridge, then ends abruptly, as if we’ve been hung up on.

“‘Cuff Your Jeans’ is a song about yearning. I wrote it after having a fever dream about trying to get on a train to see my friend but missing it over and over and over because there was always some obstacle in my way,” explains Claud in a statement. “The dream left me in a cold sweat and extremely frustrated. All elements of this song are a much-needed form of rebellion against my redundant lifestyle, and my pitched-down vocals in the verses—which appear in a few more places throughout Super Monster—are a way to further a more courageous and outspoken persona.”

Listen to “Cuff Your Jeans” and revisit Claud’s Paste Studio session below.

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