Watch Claud’s “Soft Spot” Music Video

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Watch Claud’s “Soft Spot” Music Video

Claud dropped the music video for “Soft Spot” Wednesday, the second track released ahead of their debut album Super Monster, due out on Feb. 12, 2021.

“Soft Spot” is a cinematic soft-pop song, built upon the concept of missing a past relationship. The video, directed by Brad Bischoff, features memories piled into a moving van as Claud rides around and reflects inside it.

Claud expanded on the meaning behind their new track:

Something I’ve come to realize in the last couple years is that moving away is VERY different than moving on (seems obvious but is really not … ). This video is about the stuff that you can’t seem to leave behind and that comes with you wherever you go, whether they’re good things or not so good things.

Recently, Claud was announced as the first signee to Phoebe Bridgers’ new label imprint, Saddest Factory.

Watch Claud’s new music video for “Soft Spot” below. Keep scrolling to watch their 2019 Paste Studio session.

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