Death Grips Reveal Disturbing Year of the Snitch Album Cover

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Death Grips Reveal Disturbing Year of the Snitch Album Cover

Experimental rap collective Death Grips announced last month their impending new album Year of the Snitch, said only to be “coming soon.”

Now, the shock-jock rappers out of Sacramento have shared the official cover art for their forthcoming album. The album’s cover appears to be something taken straight out of the depths of internet hell, boasting an image of juicy lips and blackened tongues popping out of what appears to be a patio table, complete with watermarks and all.

Needless to say, the artwork is beyond bizarre. Yet, fans of Death Grips have by now certainly gotten used to (if not embraced) the uncomfortableness of the group’s content. Death Grips have been raising the bar for repugnancy since their formation in 2010.

As of now, there is still no word on the exact release date for Year of the Snitch. Knowing Death Grips, the album could drop within the next 30 minutes or within the next six months. Fans of the ungodly rap group will just have to sustain themselves on these morsels of content until the album arrives.

If you think you can stomach it, check out the cover artwork for Year of the Snitch down below, then listen to the group’s 11-minute track, “Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber Megamix),” right here.

Death Grips have also enlisted the help of Shrek director Andrew Adamson as a surprise guest on their new album. Read about their odd collaboration right here.

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