Ghost Orchard Shares New Song “Station,” Announces Forthcoming Album Bunny

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Ghost Orchard Shares New Song “Station,” Announces Forthcoming Album Bunny

Ghost Orchard (aka Sam Hall), the latest signee to legendary Brooklyn DIY label Orchid Tapes, announced a new album on Wednesday afternoon. Called Bunny, the album is due out this August and is previewed today, June 26, via a lovely new single.

“Station” gives off the type of warmth that cascades through a window onto a worn sofa. It’s hazy but defined, energetic but drowsy; plucking guitars foreground Hall’s half-whispered vocals, paving the way for the flickering hip-hop beat that appears halfway through the track. Hall doesn’t stop there, texturing “Station” with additional vocal layers and strings that envelop the listener in tenderness.

Hall’s lyrics are maddeningly sweet, with understated and evocative lines like “Never heard my heartbeat quite like this” peppered throughout. Hall expands on the track in a statement:

’Station’ to me tried to capture the earliest urgencies of falling in love from a perspective of someone looking back at it. It talks about a trip I went on with my partner to Chicago, taking a megabus there and the train back, which I had never done before, and kind of the excitement of it all. Yearning to see someone the moment you leave their side.

Bunny will chronicle that relationship across its 14 songs, which Hall culled from over 300 written tracks. It’ll be out on Aug. 23 via Orchid Tapes, and you can find all the details at the bottom of the page. Listen to “Station” below.

Bunny Album Art:


Bunny Tracklist:
01. Witness
02. Swan
03. Bunny
04. Guess
05. Only
06. Carousel
07. Sheesh
08. First Time
09. Balloon
10. Station
11. Puppy
12. Frog
13. Ride
14. Honeymoon

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