Harry Styles Gets Sentimental in “Adore You” Video

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Harry Styles Gets Sentimental in “Adore You” Video

Ahead of his Fine Line album release on Dec. 13, singer Harry Styles released a sentimental video for his latest single, “Adore You”. Like “Lights Up” and “Watermelon Sugar” before, “Adore You” has a summery vibe and poppy beat, but the video begins on a much more morose note. Spanish singer Rosalía narrates the intro to the video, taking us to a gloomy isle off the coast of the United Kingdom called “Eroda,” where smiles and cheer are a thing of fiction for all. The exception is one boy, Styles, who flashes a grin that doesn’t make anyone swoon. Just to clarify, the island is of Eroda is fictional, before anyone sets sail to find their favorite former One Direction member.

“In a town grown used to how things were, no one knew what to do with something different,” Rosalía states, a point that alludes to Styles’ message of self-expression and inclusivity. As Styles sets off into the waves to escape the despair of Eroda, he encounters a fish stuck on land. Styles decides to offer a hand, making a finned friend and ushering in the music.

The video is absurd and humorous in tone, and is much more PG than the steamy video that went with “Lights Up”. “Adore You” was directed by Dave Meyers, who co-wrote the story with Chris Shafer. Watch the video below.

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