Honey Lung Share New Single “Big” From Forthcoming EP Post Modern Motorcade Music

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Honey Lung Share New Single “Big” From Forthcoming EP Post Modern Motorcade Music

London quartet Honey Lung have shared “Big,” the third single from their forthcoming EP Post Modern Motorcade Music, out on May 29 via Big Scary Monsters (American Football, Beach Slang). “Big” follows their previous singles “Juggle” and “Be My Friend.” Post Modern Motorcade Music is the follow-up to their 2019 demos and singles collection Memory, which Paste named one of the best EPs of last year.

“Big,” which comes with an accompanying video directed by Timothy Casten, is the most understated cut of the bunch so far, but it’s a case study in the power of subtle, blooming melodies. It’s quite a forlorn track about a relationship that’s on the ropes, but there’s far more sentimental appreciation than bad blood. One part warm and fuzzy and two parts down in the dumps, it’s another touching depiction of muddied emotional waters.

“‘Big’ was a song I wrote last year when I was up at Edinburgh Fringe Festival,” singer Jamie Batten explains. “It was meant as an ode to the time I had there, which felt very isolated and gave me a lot of time to think about my choices and relationships I was facing back then. It’s quite a personal song as it was a confusing time and things weren’t straightforward. I’m usually quite unproductive when I’m going through a tough patch, and find it’s only in retrospect I can write a song about it. I think ‘Big’ is the most important song to me on the EP, it still affects me and is a comfort to me today.”

Listen to “Big” below, and preorder Post Modern Motorcade Music here. Scroll down to watch their recent Paste Studio session, which was recorded in New York City while they were in town for New Colossus Festival.

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