Low Share Video for New Single “Disappearing”

The latest track ahead of forthcoming album Hey What

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Low Share Video for New Single “Disappearing”

Experimental stalwarts Low announced their follow-up to 2018’s spellbinding Double Negative last month, Hey What, out Sept. 10 on Sub Pop. Tuesday, they shared the second single following “Days Like These,” the dynamic and expansive “Disappearing.” Keeping in line with the band’s extreme talent for crafting visceral, ambient soundscapes, “Disappearing” features clean vocal harmonies that hover atop an instrumental that feels like its constantly collapsing under its own weight, making the track feel almost like a sort of apocalyptic hymnal.

The track arrives with a stunning video directed by and starring multi-disciplinary artist Dorian Wood, who models in front of a Zoom class that sketches the artist. Wood shared the following about the video:

I am incredibly thrilled to have created this video for Low. I’ve been such a fan for years. I was inspired to offer a personal glimpse of what I’d been up to during the pandemic year. I’ve been doing art modeling on the side for years, mostly for art schools. Once the schools physically shut down due to Covid, I was invited to pose for dozens of virtual classes. I borrowed a friend’s empty guest room and twice a week I would set up my laptop and lights and pose for three hours at a time. During these long stretches of time, I’d lose myself in thought while delivering poses that best showcased all this fat brown beauty. In my mind, I traveled to places and memories, and in the case of “Disappearing,” I not only visited the ocean in my mind, I became it. Even at its most empowering and meditative, a modeling session was often a reminder of how lonely one can feel when the other humans in the room immediately vanish once the laptop shuts down. And still, a semblance of hope always lingered. We shot the video at Human Resources, a performance space in L.A. which also served as a creative sanctuary for me during the pandemic year. There’s a lot of ‘coming home’ love in this video. I’m honored to be able to share this love.

Below, check out the video for “Disappearing” and revisit Low’s 2007 Daytrotter performance of “Try To Sleep.”

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