Exclusive: Preview Pages from Mitski-Soundtracked This Is Where We Fall

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Exclusive: Preview Pages from Mitski-Soundtracked This Is Where We Fall

We reported back in 2020 that Mitski would be scoring the soundtrack of the forthcoming graphic novel This Is Where We Fall. Today (April 26), pages of the comic are available to preview exclusively via Paste.

Mitski’s involvement in the graphic novel feels like a natural, if unexpected, next step after her fictional character-heavy 2018 release Be The Cowboy. The artist now seems to be donning the cowboy hat herself in her work for the forthcoming Chris Miskiewicz and Vincent Kings creation—the song we’ve heard so far, “The Baddy Man,” is chock-full of country attitude, with a twanging guitar and chugging western beat. The dark acoustic atmosphere adds a new flavor and depth to Miskiewicz and Kings’ sci-fi sensibilities. You can listen to the track here and revisit Mitski’s 2015 Daytrotter Session as you read on below.

Writer: Chris Miskiewicz
Artist: Vincent Kings
Publisher: Z2 Comics
Release Date: May 4, 2021

Dealing heavily with the concept of theology, death, and the after-life, This Is Where We Fall is an innovative new science-fiction series brought to you by Chris Miskiewicz (Thomas Aslop, Grateful Dead Origins) and Vincent Kings (Wynter) that delves into complex questions on science, faith, mankind’s need to be something bigger than itself, while also questioning what defines the human spirit.







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