Watch Robert Plant Cover Low in Honor of Mimi Parker

The singer dueted "Monkey" with Suzi Dian at his show in Glasgow

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Watch Robert Plant Cover Low in Honor of Mimi Parker

The music community has been mourning in the wake of the tragic passing of Mimi Parker, half of the duo Low. Sunday night, at a show at King’s Theatre in Glasgow, Robert Plant performed a touching tribute to the late musician, performing a cover of “Monkey” with Saving Grace, featuring Suzi Dian. He had also covered the song on his 2010 solo album Band of Joy.

Plant prefaced it by saying, “We’ve been drawn to the music of the great duo Low from Duluth, Minnesota, and sadly, tonight, we know that unfortunately we’ve lost one of those two people. So we give our songs tonight to Mimi and Alan [Sparhawk].” The guitars thrummed deeply under their harmonies, which floated on top gently and unobtrusively. The urgency was apparent, while preserving the kindness and love written into the track. “Tonight, you will be mine / Tonight, the monkey dies,” the singers repeated, the stage having an otherworldly feeling to it.

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy has also shared his condolences in the way of covering a Low and Dirty Three song, “I Hear … Goodnight.” It was shared in his Starship Casual Substack newsletter, and remains short and intimate, Tweedy backed by just a soft guitar. It feels like he’s singing his sadness directly to you, sending goosebumps down your back.

Parker’s death continues to be mourned and honored by many, after Parker’s husband and collaborator in Low, Sparhawk, announced her passing on Friday. Many have sent their well-wishes to Sparhawk and the rest of Parker’s family.

Watch Plant’s cover of “Monkey” below, and hear Plant and Low performances from the Paste archives further down.

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