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Music Reviews The Innocence Mission

Simple melodies float from the speakers. The kind of melodies that make you feel nostalgic. You’re a kid again, hopping through sprinklers in the summer sun; watching the world slip away out the back window of your mother’s station wagon…

The Innocence Mission’s Karen Peris steps up to the mic and sings, “Oooh, I have seen this day before.” The intertwining tones and softly sung lyrics are romantic as falling snow. It’s the first song of the night at the band’s long-awaited appearance at the Fez in NYC and Peris’ contagious smile captivates the crowd. With her constant flirtatious glances at husband and band-mate Don Peris during songs, it’s evident how much the couple enjoys playing together.

Karen’s enchanting songwriting and Don’s tactful chord placement and jazz-like guitar tone shined as the band eased through its latest material. When familiar tunes from albums like Glow and Birds of My Neighborhood reached the listeners’ ears, the audience echoed the bands contentment. As the music played, I felt as if I’d drifted into some dream sequence from a foreign film.

After being treated to Innocence Mission classics like “One for Sorrow Two for Joy,” “Bright as Yellow,” “Keeping Awake” and “The Lakes of Canada,” the New York crowd demonstrated its sincere love for The Innocence Mission’s well-arranged folk music.

The band, in turn, showed its appreciation with a double encore. At the end of the show, there was a brief moment of quiet. The audience stood listless and limp as the final notes of a captivating melody rang through the venue. The band took a bow and left the cheering masses behind. For some moments in life, we could all use a rewind button.

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