Adam Bender

Smokers Corner - a short story

Smokers Corner - a short story by Adam Bender
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fiction Humor, Romance
For readers of:George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, Suzanne Collins, Hugh Howey, Kurt Vonnegut
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Print Length18
PublisherAdam Bender
Publication Date2/13/2013
About the Book

Tim loses his addiction for the ho-hum after falling for Samantha during a smoking break.

"Smokers Corner" is a short and humorous love story about two workers from different companies who hit it off one morning outside their office building. When Samantha doesn't show up the next day, Tim begins to worry he missed his chance at love and will never see her again.

Author Adam Bender released the story for free as a Valentine's Day gift for fans of romantic comedies.

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About the Author

Adam Bender is an award-winning journalist and author of speculative fiction that explores modern-day societal fears with a mix of action and romance.

Adam's latest novel is The Wanderer and the New West, a dystopian western about lawlessness in near-future America. He's also the author of two dystopian sci-fi novels about government surveillance: We, The Watched and Divided We Fall. Adam adapted his first novel into a screenplay and has written several short stories.

In his day job as a journalist, Adam has covered politics and technology for Communications Daily and Computerworld Australia. He has won multiple investigative reporting awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Specialized Information Publishers Association for his telecom and internet news coverage.

Despite how this all might appear, Adam is generally a rather modest and amiable fellow. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Mallika, and he'd be happy to have a craft beer with you at the next Phillies game.

Learn more about Adam at his and @WatchAdam on Twitter!

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