Asher Lewis Stam

The Extraordinary Explorations of Edson

The Extraordinary Explorations of Edson by Asher Lewis Stam
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fiction Fiction, History
For readers of:Frederick Forsyth, Dan Brown, John le Carre
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Print Length25781 words
About the Book

A novella that takes the reader on a journey through the early medieval period. Discover with Edson, the young protagonist, the world beyond the comforts of your hometown and the realities of human nature. Witness with him the idealogy of law and order carried out by a faraway people. Do we see growing similarities with some countries today? 

About the Author

As an adult he became intrigued with ethics and sociology. Infused with enthusiasm for classical satire, such as Samuel Butler and Jonathan Swift, he has numerous ideas for stories to be told as eye openers about current issues, such as the effect of globalism on healthcare and proposed systems in China for social points to be awarded to 'good' citizens. He wants to explore ethical conflicts and to warn of the dangers before they turn into a reality.

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