D. Frank Green

2047: Hell In A Handbasket

2047: Hell In A Handbasket by D. Frank Green
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fiction Fantasy, Politics
For readers of:A.G. Riddle, Joe Hart, Hugh Howey
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About the Book

George Gwinnett wasn't your average corporate executive running a billion dollar mercenary business. When his best friend offered him the Vice Presidency, he gained control of the world's most powerful weapon but now stood in the cross-hairs of powerful interests around the world. His thirty-year-old daughter Sarah recently left the military with her reputation as a stone-dead killer intact and continues within George's company. Protecting her from Ed Gordon, a young reporter making a name for himself, became a full-time job for Gwinnett and she doesn't help. Gordon comes closer to revealing the truth, George makes battle plans to protect the U.S. and Sarah runs QuellCorp as a private army. And then it all goes to hell in a handbasket and the world changes.

About the Author

D.Frank Green explores what might be if things continue on present course. He's not adverse to following any pathway but in his introductory fiction ebook series, he's taken on current trends in U.S. tech and politics to marry them into one potential future.

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