D Grant Smith

The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook

The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook by D Grant Smith
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nonfiction Arts, Self-Improvement
For readers of:Seth Godin, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Amanda Palmer
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Print Length150 pages
PublisherThe Appetizer Enterprises, LLC & Clear Fork Publishing
Publication DateJuly 10, 2016
About the Book

What is the secret to getting your music on the radio? Is there one?

Some radio promoters and PR companies have wrongfully told musicians that they have to spend a ton of money on radio promotion, which ends up just being blanket pitch messages spammed to radio contacts. That method doesn't work, and artists don't get the publicity they want.

There is a much better way to get indie radio airplay. And you don't need a PR company to do it.

Get an inside look at what indie radio station managers and program hosts are looking for with music submissions, how to position your music and your messaging to get airplay and response from radio programmers, how to build a network of music industry influencers and much more in this new audiobook.

Here's what music industry pros are saying about it:"In the DIY Musician's Radio Handbook, D Grant Smith provides without a doubt the most comprehensive and actionable guide for independent musicians who want airplay. Too many artists keep themselves in the dark by constantly trying blanket solutions in vain, such as aiming for major FM radio. He demystifies the process by revealing clear steps and realistic outcomes. And to top it off, the path to success outlined in this book is one D Grant Smith has walked himself on his road to radio syndication. This is a must read for any serious DIY musician." -James Moore, Independent Music Promotions

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About the Author

The Audience Growth Farmer, Smith is an award-winning radio personality, speaker, author and coach for individuals, creatives, and small businesses. Focusing on relationship building, his Growth Farming method is pervasive in his writings and media properties.

D Grant Smith is the syndicated host & creator of The Appetizer Radio Show, an indie music program showcasing great undiscovered music weekly on stations across the US and internationally since 2003. His work in radio, media, and music extends into areas of marketing and development for artists on an individual basis for audience growth, creating sustainable and supportive tribes of super fans for artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Outside of music Smith enjoys reading, craft beer, boxing and all things Batman. He lives in West Texas with two cats. Relationship building is what drives his pursuits in business and in life, which is what fuels his writing, media creation, and production.

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