ORPHANS #1 - Systems of Control

Eric Palicki

ORPHANS #1 - Systems of Control by Eric Palicki
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For readers of:Warren Ellis, Jim Butcher, Mark Waid, Matt Fraction, Brian Wood
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About the Book

Alexis Quinn and his team of discarded superhumans take dangerous new technology out of the hands of killers and redistribute it where it will save lives instead of ending them.

ORPHANS is superhumans versus the military-industrial complex.

About the Author

Eric Palicki lives and writes in Columbus, Ohio. He published his first graphic novel, ORPHANS, with artist Branko Jovanovic, in 2013, after successfully raising more than $12,000 through Kickstarter. IGN.com called ORPHANS "excellently done...engaging enough to give you that 'I don't want it to end' feeling."

Eric successfully raised more than $5000 in funds to publish his second graphic novel, RED ANGEL DRAGNET, a collaboration with Anna Wieszczyk (Lucid, Interesting Drug, Godkiller). R.A.D. is scheduled for release across digital platforms in early 2015.

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ORPHANS #1 - Systems of Control by Eric Palicki
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