Heather Awad

The Girl With the Blue Umbrella

The Girl With the Blue Umbrella by Heather Awad
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For readers of:Poetry, Billy Collins, Stephen Dunn, Molly Peacock
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PublisherHeather Awad
Publication Date9/2015
About the Book

The Girl With the Blue Umbrella is a collection of poetry that is the author's first after writing for most of her adult life. She puts labor and love into her poems, often delving into her own life experiences that you will soon realize are scenarios at one time or another we have all experienced. There is something for everyone in this 62-poem collection. Read it on a quiet, leisurely weekend, or have it with you on your electronic device anywhere you go, to read your favorites again and again.

About the Author

Heather Awad has written two poetry collections, The Girl With the Blue Umbrella, and her latest, The Lovely Brush: Poems. She has been writing poetry for most of her adult life but only began self-publishing in 2015. Heather has begun working on new blog, entitled, Keep Laughing: Single Mom Survival Guide, and she will be graduating with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice in December 2016. Once her education is completed, she plans to begin working on a new poetry collection. Heather lives with her 14-year old daughter, Aziza, and their two adorable cats, Lizzie and Jasmine, in Endicott, NY.

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