Heather D. Wright

Living and Learning From the Healing Waters of Courage

Living and Learning From the Healing Waters of Courage by Heather D. Wright
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For readers of:Poetry, Nonfiction, Self-help
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Print Length235
PublisherColorful Spirit Publishing
Publication DateNovember 2014
About the Book

Every now and then comes a time in our lives when we all need a touch of courage. Every single day we each long for something to give us joy and increase our strength. We all want to feel that there are lessons to be learned, and yet more than that, we hope we can heal from all the pain that has tried to break us down. There are days when it seems that we cannot make it through and wonder what we are here for and why God allows certain things to happen over which we have no control. In this book, you will find lessons that will both give you courage and heal your broken heart. There are inspirational messages and poems meant to encourage you and help you discover all that God would want you to be. We all make mistakes in life, but God gives us the right path to embrace the healing waters of courage that will make us forever strong and able to overcome all the odds that try to make or break us.

As you read Living and Learning from the Healing Waters of Courage, it is my desire that you realize everything in life happens for a reason. Even when we do not always understand all of the reasons, we must trust that God is in control and will help us find the right solutions to the destined paths upon which we travel. I decided to share many of my life lessons with you in both a nonfiction and poetic way to illustrate the spiritual truths that have helped me find the courage to heal from my past and embrace happier, healthier times now and always. I hope the courageous chapters you are about to read encourage your hearts and souls in the most spiritual ways possible.

About the Author

After writing my first book, Spiritual Whispers to the Soul, which I self-published in July of 2012, I decided I wanted to continue my path of creative and inspirational writing. Presently I am a full-time computer technology instructor for a community college in Boone, NC. Even though I am thankful for my job, I am even more thankful to be able to keep pursuing my passion for writing. For me writing my first book and my current one, Living and Learning From the Healing Waters of Courage, has been such a great adventure for me because I love to help heal and inspire others as they search for meaning in their lives. My goal is to continue to self-publish more books under my publishing name, Colorful Spirit Publishing, in the hopes I can be what motivates others to follow their true spiritual paths in life. For more information on where to find my first book and my current one for sale, please visit my website at www.colorfulspirit.com or feel free to email me at hwright@colorfulspirit.com. I hope that somehow my first book as well as this one can continue to be a great source of inspirational comfort to the lives of so many now and forever.

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