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Beyond This Divorce Worthy Moment

Beyond This Divorce Worthy Moment by jessica davis
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About the Book

This extremely transparent book gives you a front row seat to watch a real God transform a real problem into something beautiful--something impossible. A dead marriage on the brink of divorce was all but over. Then there's that moment. That moment where you can make a permanent decision or trust God and persevere. Here is a story of what happens when you go beyond that moment--that divorce worthy moment and reach the place you've longed for but never thought was possible. There lies the hope, peace and unconditional love found only by being in God's will. When marital success is determined by happiness rather than holiness, divorce is imminent. This couple's true story reminds us that there has never been a Christ-centered marriage that has failed.

About the Author

Author/speaker Jessica Davis is a wife and mother of 2 boys. Having gone through some of the lowest and most unfortunate times in her life, she is able to articulate her experiences in a way that brings humor, hope and application for change. Her writing style makes the content extremely easy for readers to digest while pointing to the only source for true healing and peace--Jesus Christ.

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