John Covil

33 Packs a Day

33 Packs a Day by John Covil
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fiction Politics, Suspense
For readers of:Tom Clancy, George Orwell, Robert Ludlum
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Publication Date03/12/2015
About the Book

Who’s watching you right now? Is it your child’s spaghetti-soaked face? The brown eyes of your pooch? Or is it someone else? In “33 Packs A Day,” a young doctor, Seran Barzani, stages a protest when a new government program goes too far. This catches the attention of an ambitious homeland security agent who brings Seran's darkest fears to fruition in this thriller about government surveillance.

About the Author

John is a full-time engineer with a degree in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University. He has been writing on his blog and elsewhere online for years, and has recently started writing fiction. His wife Hilary is an experienced writer of several genres, including journalism, poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and was co-author of 33 Packs a Day. John's writing interests include technology, civil liberties and privacy, criminal justice and criminal justice reform, Christian faith and more. John and Hilary live in Raleigh, North Carolina, with their beagle Marco.

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