Jeff Gill

Getting Ideas

Getting Ideas by Jeff Gill
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Formats Available PDF 2.2MB
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For readers of:Roald Dahl, Michael Rosen, David Almond
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Print Length48
PublisherVellerosus Press
Publication DateNovember 2015
About the Book

This is a helpful book for humans, especially young people. It's full of lies (and truths) about being silly, one possible way to not be eaten by a T. rex, large heads, mythical creatures, an extremely valuable diamond and much more.* Most of all, this book is about ideas, why they matter, how to get them and what to do with them.

*Most of the time when something says ‘much more’, it means ‘not much more’. This time it actually means ‘much more’.

About the Author

Jeff Gill's thing is helping people live more creatively. He has worked with children and young people since he was 17. He's much more ancient than that now. Jeff lives in North Wales with his wife, children, various animals and the assorted detritus that comes with being alive.

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