Kevin Obermeyer

For fans of:Max Lucado, Rick Warren, C.S. Lewis, John Piper, Philip Yancey

Kevin Obermeyer is an author, speaker, musician, and minister who is known for his warm manner and passion for helping people. His portfolio spans decades of experience in youth and gang ministry, the Air Force, finance, pastoring, and even cooking. His insightful messages and helpful tips derive from his quest to share truth, enjoy life, and provoke thoughtful discussion.

He was born in Seguin, Texas, more than a few years ago. With his father an Air Force pilot, Vietnam veteran, and Boeing engineer, and his mother a career elementary and middle school educator, Kevin grew up knowing the value of love and service to others. The Air Force moved his family from Texas to California, Missouri, and finally Kansas. Initially, Kevin followed in his father’s footsteps of military service until his Heavenly Father called him into ministry service. His guiding Bible verse is John 3:30.

Each morning he and his wife Angelica share their love of coffee together as they discuss life, love, and Kevin’s hopeful plans for that next batch of Angelica’s famous homemade tortillas.